Here is are some steps to access the VNC server running on the Amiga, AmiVNC 1.0.0, from any other computer connected to your (wireless) router, i.e., from your private network. Assuming that the AmiVNC server listens on port 5900:

  1. Do not forget (!) to create the AmiVNC password file by running AmiVNC -pPPP where PPP is your password (8 characters maximum).
  2. Go on the PC under Windows 2000, running NAT32, to which is the Amiga connected.
  3. Open NAT32 console.
  4. Type and validate: ppmap add tcp 35900 5900, where 35900 is an arbitrary port number.
  5. Go on any other PC connected to the wireless router, i.e., able to ping the PC under Windows 2000, at
  6. Run VNC Viewer 3.3.3r2, which in my experience works fine with AmiVNC.
  7. Type as VNC Server: and use the password that you gave in Step 1.


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