Because I am using a Lyra 2 Keyboard Adapter, I can use any PS/2 (and some USB) keyboards... but, that also means that I must deal with the large variability in keymaps: although "main" keys are essentially at the same place on all, say QWERTY keyboards, some special ones may be at different places, in particular because I have a neat custom Cherry MX keyboard with French-Canadian layout .

So, creating a keymap with a keymap editor is essential! I created a keymap for French-Canadian keyboards. It is useful when running WinUAE on computer with a French-Canadian keyboard or with an Amiga with a French-Canadian PC-keyboard connected to it. I created this keymap by editing the standard keymap for US-like keyboard and modifying the few keys that are different on a French-Canadian keyboard, using both Key Map Editor v1.7 by Christian Stiens and KeyMapEd v1.2 by Tim Friest. I had to use both editor because they have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to editing the keys...

I use this keymap on a HP EliteBook 2740p with WinUAE running OS v3.1 (v39), on an Amiga 1200 with the Lyra 2 Keyboard Adapter and a BenQ Black French-Canadian PS/2 keyboard, and on an Amiga 1200 with a custom Cherry MX keyboard. So... This keymap should work on all Amiga systems .

Below are the mappings between keys and characters and symbols per range of the keyboard:

  1. "Échap" to "Démarrer";
  2. "#|\" to "Effacer";
  3. "↹" to "↵";
  4. "⇬" to "↵";
  5. "⇧" to "⇧";
  6. "Ctrl" to "Ctrl";
  7. Others keys;
  8. Keypad keys.

 The result is a keymap for French-Canadian keyboards , available on Aminet.

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