Group 11

A: Beelzebub's Lair

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 3-0; +∞,

Wait patiently for the Time Bomb to explode and destroy one of the Zapping Canon. Then, Zapper can go down with the "middle" lift and destroy the second Zapping Canon, its lift will be block by the Glass Block and it is okay: Grabber can now use the lift that was targeted by the second Zapping Canon to go down and collect two Klondikes. Then, Grabber can go up and use the remaining lift to collect the third Klondike.


B: Ear to the Ground

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

The lifts and tiles are the same colour... and the Proximity Mine sits on a lift! Zapper should go up first on the lift next to it and the very corner. It can destroy two Zapping Canons and then Grabber can take its place and collect the first Klondike. Then, Zapper should go about the middle of the puzzle and go up to destroy a third Zapping Canon. Pusher can then take its place to push the Glass Block and destroy one more Zapping Canon. Now, Pusher must not push the Glass Block all the way! Zapper must trigger the Proximity Mine to allow Pusher to go up the lift and, by pushing the Glass Block in the other direction, to destroy the last Zapping Canon. Now, Grabber can use the lift opposite to where it is now and collect the second Klondike.


C: The Sculptor

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

A very nice one where Pusher must use the Time Bombs to "sculpt" the puzzle... Pusher should, as fast as possible, go around the set of Prisms and push the closest Time Bomb against the three Prisms, in the middle, and then move the other Time Bomb next to the Block. When the Time Bombs blow off, they destroy one Prism and the Block. Then, Pusher can push the Prism closest to the Hopper in place so that Zapper, upon firing at the Prisms, will destroy the Hopper. Grabber can now move onto the lift and force the other lift up using the Force Up. It can now collect the two Klondikes.


D: Erosion

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

An interesting use of the Lizards! Pusher must follow the first Lizard and leave three tiles between it and the border so that the Lizard will entrap itself. Then, it should do the same on the opposite side with the second, third, and fourth Lizard: always with the same trick: block the Lizard's path within three tiles of the border. Once all Lizards safely locked, Zapper can destroy a first Zapping Canon, then go down and position itself on the lift. Grabber should also go down and face the accessible Freezer. Grabber and Zapper can then be program:


so that Zapper will destroy the remaining Zapping Canon while it is frozen. Then, Grabber can collect the Klondike.


E: Walking down the Aisle

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Pusher must start by destroying the Force Down and then the top Zapping Canon. Then, Grabber can force all the lifts up and Pusher can push the middle Block to free a passage for Grabber to collect the first Klondike on the top floor. Then, Grabber can go down the lift closest to the second Zapping Canon. Grabber and Zapper should be programmed to repeatedly freeze and destroy the row of Zapping Canons:

Pusher: F

Thus, Zapper can reach safely the end of the "aisle" and destroy the Freezer and last Zapping Canon. Now, Grabber is free to collect the second Klondike.


F: To Push or not to Push, That is the Question

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Grabber should lower its lift and fire at the Force Down before raising its lift again. Then, Pusher should immediately push the Time Bomb that is next to a Prism next to the first Convertor. Now, wait for the Time Bomb to explode and destroy the Zapping Canon and the Convertor. Now, Pusher can move in between the Prism and the Convertor and fire at the other Prism to destroy the Flag. It can move now next to Zapper to destroy the second Flag through another Convertor. Zapper can destroy the Force Down. Now, Grabber is free to collect the two Klondikes.


G: Lost in the Crown

Grabber and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

Zapper should move next to Grabber to free the place for the Pushing Canon to push the Block. Then, Grabber can force all the lifts down so that the Block is pushed in front of the Zapping Canon. Now, Zapper is free to move on the the corner lift, to go up and destroy the two Zapping Canons while Grabber goes to the other corner lift to collect the Klondike.


H: The Italian Job

Grabber and Pusher; 4-0; +∞,

Grabber and Pusher must closely cooperate to solve that one! The trick is to swap the place of Grabber and Pusher. Pusher should more one step closer to the mine field. Then, Grabber should move toward the furthest Freezer and, as it passes the other freezer, trigger it so that the Pushing Canon does not move the Block, it should continue one more step to allow Pusher to pass... Within 3-4 seconds of triggering the first Freezer, Grabber should trigger the second to give enough time to Pusher to move and block the Block. Now, Grabber can activate the first Freezer and collect the first Klondike on the left of the Worm and then on its right. Finally, Grabber can collect the Klondike closest to Pusher: the Worm will move towards Grabber and trigger the two Proxity Mines but it does not matter: the last Klondike is safe and ready for the taking.


I: Quark Strangeness and Charm

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

Pusher must push the Time Bomb against the Prism in the "middle" (between the Convertor and another Prism) and wait for the Time Bomb to explode and destroy this Prism. Then, it can push the closest Prism away towards Zapper and the one next on the line of the Converter and the Zapping Canon facing the lift closed to Grabber. Grabber can now carefully lower the lift using the Force Down but backing up immediately before getting destroyed. Pusher can now use the Convertor and the Prism to destroy the Zapping Canon and allow Grabber to go up and collect the Klondike.

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