Group 00

A: Softly Softly

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 3-0, +∞,

Use Zapper to destroy the zapping canon by using one elevator up and then another elevator down. Then, make Zapper take the place of the zapping canon, thus an elevator will be down. Position Pusher on this elevator and push the block away from the pushing canon. Finally, use Grabber to grab the three klondikes in a row.

B: The Sacrifice

Grabber, Zapper, 1-0, +∞,

Use Zapper to lower the elevator from the platform on which it sits. Then, to allow the pushing canon to push the block away, sacrifice Zapper by making it step in front of the zapping canon. Wait for the block to reach the end of the line. Finally, move forward Grabber, which will be pushed by the pushing canon in front on the klondike.

C: The Magic Roundabout

Grabber, Zapper, 0-1, +∞,

Use Grabber to lower the elevator from the platform on which it sits. Then, wait for the glass block to reach the line in front of Grabber and to be two squares away from the down elevator (not the one on which Grabber is, the other one). Move Grabber in front of the pushing canon: it will be pushed until the glass block, on the one square next to the down elevator. Move forward Zapper: it will be pushed around by the pushing canons until it reaches the down elevator. There, it will stay because Grabber and the glass block stop it. Finally, go up with Zapper and destroy the hopper.

D: Death Valley

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 2-0, +∞,

Use Pusher to push the glass block on the middle lane all the way between the blocks supporting the upper platform. As you do so, each zapping canon will destroy itself. Then, move Grabber all the way to the down elevator and go collect the klondikes.

E: The Mini Minefield Puzzle

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 1-0, +∞,

I could not find a solution that does not involve destroying Zapper. Use Zapper to explode the mine further away from the klondike. Use Pusher to push the remaining mine away from the klondike, orthogonally. Finally, position Grabber in line with the klondike, the mine now does not stand on its way.

F: But Cameras Give The Game Away (Maze 1)

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 1-1, +∞,

Beware of the zapping canon hidden in the "middle" of the maze, close to Zapper! Move Zapper around the green wall in front of it to the left, to avoid the zapping canon. Then, move Zappe around the wall and you will shoot a flag and you could also shoot the zapping canon. Use Pusher to push the block on the next border block. Thus, Grabber can move freely to collect the klondike.

G: The Lift Is Guarded

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 2-0, 160s,

Not very difficult, even without programming Pusher and Zapper but more fun if you do! Pusher should be programmed to take the easternmost lift and push the Glass Block in front of the Zapping Canon, then all out of the way:


Meanwhile, Zapper should go to the farthest lift to go down and shoot the Zapping Canon facing west:

During this time, Grabber should take the remaining lift and follow Pusher.

Once the programs stop, Zapper should shot the Zapping Canon and Pusher, then, push the Block away from the hidden lift. Then, Grabber can go on to this lift and go collect the two Klondikes.

H: Up and Down and Up and Down

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 1-1, +∞,

Bring up Pusher and Zapper and then make way for Grabber to get the klondike. Move Zapper in the place of the klondike so that Pusher can use the lift close to where Zapper was, go down and push the glass block. Move Grabber and Zapper so that Zapper can reach the elevator close to the one that brought up Pusher, make it go down and destroy the hopper.

I: Zapper to the Rescue

Grabber, Pusher, Zapper, 1-0, +∞,

Use Zapper to destroy the zapping canon threatening Grabber and Pusher. Move Zapper towards the elevator: you will have to destroy the flag and let Zapper take its place to let the worm pass by you. Once the zapping canon is destroyed, move Pusher up one floor and let it push the block. Then, make it go down and let Grabber take its place to collect the klondike.

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