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Of course, the secret of a stable and fast Workbench is the Startup-Sequence... Let me show you mine ... I explain some of the options necessary to make the system stable and prevent crashes at boot-time or runt-time:



NewIcons, Glow/OS3.5+, and PNG Icons

It is possible to mix normal icons (i.e., MagicWB), NewIcons, Glow/OS3.5 icons, and even PNG icons in a Workbench 3.1 using the icon.library written by PeterK using a simple call to LoadResident in the Startup-Sequence! Then, game icons in WHDLoad really look cool and, besides, they don't take any Chip ram but are loaded in Fast ram! However, beware of the (in)famous MCP v1.48 (other versions must create the same problems, though!):

  • The Processor option SSP to FastMem somehow prevents the icon.library to stay resident, causing an extra reboot at each reboot (two-for-one kind of thing!).
  • The Library Search option prevents the icons to be loaded in Chip ram for some reasons.

Once these two options are disabled, then it works great with all the other benefits from MCP!

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