FOTAQ Solution - Buenos Aires

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This part of the solution to FOTAQ is taken from Balmoral Software's Web site, where you can also find some cool maps... Thanks a lot for helping us!


Buenos Aires

Use the curtain cord
Pick up a wig
Pick up the sheets on the bed
Pick up the other sheet
In inventory, use the sheet on the other sheet
Use the sheet rope on radiator
Use the radiator with sheet rope
Move the ladder to the left
Pick up a box of crowbars
Pick up the comedy breasts
Use the sheet rope at far left
Use the crowbar on the chest
Look at the chest to obtain a towel
Use the radiator with sheet rope
Walk to the door at the top of the stairs
Talk to the bellboy (if you try to exit the lobby, you'll lose your clothes):

  • About that key on your desk...
  • I need to borrow it for a while
  • About that key again...
  • I'm Lola's friend, she asked me to get it for her

Pick up the key
Walk to the darkened doorway back downstairs
Use the key on the red door
Walk to the door:

  • Lola, I need your help.
  • This is serious. Can you help me?
  • Can you help me get outta here?

Give the towel to Lola
Use the dress
Walk to the door at the top of the stairs
CUT SCENE: Professor Ironstein's Dino Ray
Walk to the truck outside the hotel lobby
Pick up the hay
Pick up the oil
Use the oil on Rico in the car:

  • I'm a better pilot that you will ever be.
  • It's time to say goodbye Anderson.

CUT SCENE: Storm over the Amazon jungle


Now, go to the Amazon Jungle...

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