Hardware Repairs

Most Amiga hardware has now more than 20 years... so, yes, it is getting wiser but also needs some repairs. Here are some repairs and tips.

PS. Follow these tips at your own risks! I cannot (and won't) be responsible for any damage that you may cause!


Installing an ACA1230 or ACA1233

The ACA1230 and ACA1233 are accelerators for the A1200 from Individual Computers. They are modern and clean-built accelerators, using surface mounted components. They are without mobile parts (no fans!) and therefore totally silent... They are also plug-and-play!

The are actually very easy to install: just open up the trap door under the Amiga and gently slide them in, starting with the side with the "small connector" and twisting them straight to connect them tight. Then, close the trap, fire the Amiga, and enjoy!


Changing the Amiga PSU for a Modern, Standard ATX PSU

There are now lots of ATX PSU for sale for cheap in second-hand stores, which are in perfect conditions. They can be bought for less than $CA10 and used to effectively replace the old Amiga PSU with more power (watts) to support more extensions. There are a few steps to follow to use a ATX PSU:


  1. Find a ATX PSU in good condition;
  2. Use the paper-clip trick to get it to switch on:
    1. In the 20-pin block going out from the ATX PSU, find the green wire (there's only one);
    2. There are two black ground cables beside it, find one of them (no matter which one);
    3. Connect the green and black wires using a paper-clip, then isolate it using electric tape;
    4. Plug and switch on the ATX PSU (when on, its fan should turn, even if briefly);
  3. Open the Amiga PSU and unsolder from the PSU the cable connecting to the Amiga;
  4. Connect the unsoldered end of the Amiga cable to the 20-pin block from the ATX PSU as explained here or here or as follows:


Mapping between Amiga PSU and ATX PSU wire colours
Amiga PSU ATX PSU Voltages
Red +5V
Black Black 0V (Ground)
Brown Yellow +12V
White Blue -12V
Yellow (Shield) Unconnected


  1. Check carefully—twice!—the voltages between each pin of the Amiga connector, using a voltmeter. BEWARE of shortcuts!


 Pins and voltages of the Amiga power-plug


  1. Voilą ! You can now use your Amiga with a modern, standard—and powerful!—ATX PSU


Fixing a A4000 Motherboard with Damage due to a Leaking Battery

I would not recommend trying to fix damage due to a leaking battery at home! Trust experts, like AmigaKit, even then find that difficult! In particular because the leak damaged "through holes" and connection under the memory sockets . Here are some pictures of the step to fix the damage, courtesy of AmigaKit:


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